Alternatives to Medication for Pain Management in Fibromyalgia

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What are some helpful ways that help people with fibromyalgia get relief from pain even after taking prescribed medication?

There are many, and I agree with the others that sleep hygiene, meditation, yoga/exercise, diet, massage, hydrotherapy, distraction and emotional self-regulation can all be helpful.

Others to consider include acupuncture[1] (or acupressure), progressive muscle relaxation[2] with/without biofeedback therapy, prescribed supplements (CoQ10[3], magnesium[4] and vitamin D[5] are often helpful), and keeping a journal as a means of tracking symptoms and stressors – writing about what distresses you emotionally can ease physical symptoms.

Biofeedback therapy is the process of using instruments that measure physiological responses to gain better conscious control of these responses[6]. It is not effective for all fibromyalgia symptoms but can lessen pain[7], which was the specific symptom included in this question.


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